GI for NSIS 4.01 (Lucka)


Today we released Graphical Installer for NSIS version 4.01 (Lucka).
There is more than a hundred changes! The most important ones:

Major changes:

  • Full support for NSIS 3 (alpha versions + beta versions; Ansi + Unicode; x86 + x64)
  • Seamless script integration (no need to register the GRAPHICAL_INSTALLER_PROJECT_UID)
  • Removed GraphicalInstaller_projects.nsh file
  • Removed ProjectManager.exe
  • Removed GraphicalInstaller_translation.nsh
  • Whole process is now much simpler and faster (less case sensitive, files are checked for existence, ...)
  • Drag and Drop tools
  • Bigger buttons (83x26 pixels) with 4 states: normal, focused, pressed, disabled (2 new states!)
  • Transparent splash picture (irregular form)
  • 10 new buttons pictures
  • New examples (Start menu)

Graphical Installer Wizard v1.4.01:

  • Better handling old script during conversion to Graphical Installer project
  • New options: Texts colors for focused and disabled buttons
  • Supported Start menu creating
  • Splash picture can be transparent (irregular form)
  • New functions in GraphicalInstaller.dll (v1.4.01)
  • Creating irregular buttons (buttons with alpha mask)

Minor changes and fixes:

  • Updated manual (fixed links and mistakes)
  • Fixed small typos

See enclosed documents (Readme and Changelog) for more details.

Do not hesitate and visit the Purchase page where you can download Trial version for FREE!

unSigned Softworks team