Ninka - GI for Inno Setup 3.6.01

Hi all!

As Windows 10 is coming tomorrow (and Inno Setup 5.5.6 released few days ago) we prepared fresh new version of Graphical Installer for Inno Setup: 3.6.01 (Ninka).
The biggest change is - of course - support for Windows 10 but we also made many changes in GIW, related tools and the installer itself.

Major changes:

  • Support for Inno Setup 5.5.6
  • New directives and options
  • Support for Windows 10
  • Graphical Installer Wizard v1.6.01:
  • Support for RAD & Installer (RAD Studio integration)
  • Improved loading .jpg, .png and .gif pictures
  • Fixed preview in Open picture dialog (preview is shown for all extensions)
  • Removed annoying 'Could not get Background/Button picture dimensions...' message (if picture format was correct)
  • Fixed rare EInvalidGraphic exception(s)
  • New example (RAD & Installer - RAD Studio)
  • Updated tools (BitmapCutter + GUI)
  • Various improvements and fixes

Minor changes:

  • - Updated manual (RAD & Installer section)
  • - Improved installer (faster, more user friendly)


We cooperate with Inno community and we prepared Slovak translation of Inno Setup, which is installed in case you select Slovak language.

The last big feature is support - integration - for Embarcadero RAD Studio IDE (2009, 2010, XE - XE8) and RAD & Installer.

Get it for free at


See enclosed documents (Readme and Changelog) for more details.

Do not hesitate and visit the Purchase page where you can download Trial version for FREE!

unSigned team