GI for NSIS 4.2.01 (Norka)

Hi all!


Happy New Year 2016!

There were many changes in NSIS recently - NSIS has been updated and not one but 5 new versions were released: 2.47, 2.48, 2.49, 2.50 and 3.0b3!

Newest NSIS versions contain many security fixes and improvements so you should updated as soon as possible.

We reflect these changes and bring new version of Graphical Installer for NSIS: 4.2.01 (Norka).

Our product is packed with many new features and improvements:

Major changes:

  • Support for latest NSIS 3 release (3.0 Beta 3)
  • Support for latest NSIS 2 releases (2.47, 2.48, 2.49 and 2.50)
  • Many security issues were improved
  • Possible to switch between skinned and classic design by changing single line of script (GRAPHICAL_INSTALLER_PROJECT_UID)
  • Merged changes from NSIS releases into code
  • Next button is automatically highlighted
  • New function ScaleMaskImage (GraphicalInstaller.dll) for mask resizing (Auto DPI)
  • New user-friendly symbols and macros: ${GraphicalInstallerChangeUI} , ${GraphicalInstallerRedrawCheckBox} , ${GraphicalInstallerRedrawRadioButton} , ${GraphicalInstallerRedrawLabel} , ${GraphicalInstallerInitInstallPage} , ${GraphicalInstallerRedrawnsDialogsPage} , ${GraphicalInstallerRedrawInstallOptionsPage}
  • Supported InstallOptions (however it is officially deprecated)
  • Graphical Installer Wizard v1.6.01: Improved script generation (with new symbols)
  • New examples (InstallOptions, Auto DPI)
  • Updated tools (BitmapCutter + GUI)
  • Various improvements and fixes

Minor changes:

  • Updated manual (fixed links and mistakes)
  • Fixed small typos


What is really nice is new feature: switching between skinned and classic design of an installer. This is really simple - comment single line of script to completely change how the installer looks like!


See enclosed documents (Readme and Changelog) for more details.

Do not hesitate and visit the Purchase page where you can download Trial version for FREE!

unSigned team