GI for NSIS 4.4.01 (Patka)


Long-awaited version 3 of NSIS (3.0) is finally ready! It comes with optional Unicode support, still works on all the same versions of Windows, supports Windows 10, and adds a lot of other small features and fixes.

We are really happy about this and we have prepared new release of our product Graphical Installer for NSIS - version 4.4.01 (Patka) with many fixes, improvements and new possibilities. See the list:

Major changes:

  • Support for latest NSIS 3 releases (3.0 and 3.0 Release Candidate 2)
  • New symbols (see manual for details):
  • GRAPHICAL_INSTALLER_HIDE_CANCEL_BUTTON: Hides Cancel button on all installer's pages
  • GRAPHICAL_INSTALLER_HIDE_BACK_BUTTON: Hides Back button on all installer's pages
  • Fixed bug: redrawing Inner Dialog area for nsDialogs pages and Start Menu page
  • Fixed issues with ${NSD_FreeImage} calls
  • Fixed bug: redrawing uninstaller pages (Visual_UI feature)
  • Graphical Installer Wizard v1.8.01:
  • Improved script generation (with new symbols)
  • Checking for new version
  • Updated tools (BitmapCutter + GUI)
  • Various improvements and fixes

Minor changes:

  • Updated manual
  • Updated ButtonEvent plug-in (v0.8)
  • Updated nsDialogs_setImageOle.nsh (v1.2)

This version is really fast and stable and with new NSIS 3.0 you can create amazing installers with minimum effort!

See enclosed documents (Readme and Changelog) for more details.

Do not hesitate and visit the Purchase page where you can download Trial version for FREE!

unSigned team