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Graphical Installer iconAbout Graphical Installer

Professional extension for NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) and Inno Setup which allows to change the design of whole installer. It also allows to create installers with irregular windows (parts of window can be fully transparent). Starting at 17.95 € (Personal use) Prices List.

Offers fully customizable installer interface! It is possible to change design of whole installer: Custom picture for installer background, icons, buttons, scroll bars.
Custom colors for texts - Headers, labels, links, static texts. Custom colors for button texts in various situations - For normal, focused, pressed and disabled state. Custom colors for installation progress bar - Foreground and background and many more elements...

Check these video tutorials to see how to use it in 5 minutes! Start for Free with no limitations! Feel free to contact us for more details in chat below.

See more pictures of installers in our Gallery. Example Gallery

Key Features

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