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Graphical Installer Trial version is a fully functional version of product - it will run for 30 days on your machine without limitations so you can try all features.

After 30 days Trial period some features will be disabled (installers made with Trial version will stop working).

You need to purchase a license if you want to continue using the software with all features enabled after Trial period.

Trial Version

Graphical Installer for Inno Setup:

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v6.01 (Tamka) - for Inno Setup 6.0.2 (always use the latest Inno Setup version)

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Graphical Installer for NSIS:

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v4.8.01 (Ulinka) - for NSIS 2 and 3 (NSIS 2.20 and later, NSIS 3 any version)

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If you experience issues with downloading you can check the files using VirusTotal scanner (we guarantee they are 100% safe):
VirusTotal report for NSIS version: is here and VirusTotal report for Inno Setup version: is here

Video tutorials

The next two videos show basic features of Graphical Installer - how to start and create new project (installer) from scratch.

Start with our tool in 5 minutes and save more than 75% of your time!

Inno Setup:


The next two videos show advanced features of Graphical Installer - how to add custom design to your existing installer.

Inno Setup:


Found a bug or you have a question?

We are working hard on the product and we are improving it every day. If you find any bug please report it!
If you have any ideas, suggestions or issues with our product please let us know!
The most common questions, problems and situations are mentioned in F.A.Q section.

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